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How to Use

It's easy, just Stick it and Rip it!



User Guide

  1. Make sure the club face is clean and dry before attaching the Impact Label.
  2. Align the label so that the center of the target covers the center of the club face.
  3. Each Impact Label should last for 6-8 shots and should be changed when you can no longer discern which impact was made by your last swing.
  4. To remove the Impact Label, start by lifting a corner. The Impact Label will remove easily and leave no residue.

Our goal at Direct Impact Golf is to help you gain distance, accuracy and consistency by striking the ball in center of the club face. Many golfers struggle with a lack of “consistency” in their game. This is a result of making inconsistent contact. Shots struck away from the center of the club face cause losses in distance and directional control. With Direct Impact Golf’s Impact Labels, you’ll see where you are making contact. You can then make the necessary corrections to start consistently making centered contact to hit the ball longer and straighter with more control.

Our Impact Labels are designed to help you self-diagnose and self-correct. This User Guide addresses common faults and fixes related to impact. If you’re still struggling after practicing with the Impact Labels, following the recommendations below, and trying different swing ideas on your own, contact a local golf professional in your area.

In addition to the specific swing fixes below, always check that you have the proper setup. Often, a correction can be made before you even swing the club. In general, if you are hitting near the toe of the club, try moving an inch closer to the ball at set up. If you are hitting near the heel, try moving an inch further away at set up. And if you are hitting too high or low on the face, try adjusting your tee height. 

Faults & Fixes

High Toe Contact on Driver
High Heel Contact on Driver
High Center Contact on Driver
Low Heel Impact on Driver
Low Toe Impact on Driver
Low Center Contact on Driver