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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I used Direct Impact Golf Impact Tape?

A: Distance, Accuracy and Consistency all result from making centered contact.  There are a thousand ways to swing a golf club - look at all the different swings on the PGA and LPGA tours.  What is the one - and most important - thing all pros do in common? 

They all strike the ball out of the center of the club face. 

When you find the time to practice, you want to get the most out of it.  Direct Impact Golf Impact Tape gives you the instant feedback of knowing exactly where on the club face you've struck the ball so you can develop the skill of making centered contact.  Start hitting it longer and straighter with more consistency and control.     

Q: How do I use Direct Impact Golf Impact Tape?

A: Just Stick it and Rip it!  Align the label so that the center of the target graphic covers the center of the club face, then swing your swing.  The Direct Impact Golf Impact Tape will record where you made impact on the club face.  Visit our How to Use page.  

    Q: How many swings or hits can I get out of each label?

    A: You can expect to record at least 6 shots with each label.  

      Q: What makes Direct Impact Golf's Impact Tape better than others?

      A: Direct Impact Golf's Impact Tape is the thinnest on the market and causes virtually no loss in feel or performance.  Our impact tape provides a crisp, high resolution, black impact image.  Unlike spray powders, our impact tape (1) is not affected by grass or wet playing conditions (2) accurately and reliably records your impact and (3) applies and removes easily, leaving no residue. 

      All of our Premium Impact Tape is Made in the USA.  Each set of labels is inspected by hand as part of our quality control process.  

        Q: Does Direct Impact Golf Impact Tape work on left-handed clubs?

        A: Lefties, you're in luck!  Both our Driver and Iron Impact Tape are designed to be used on right or left-handed clubs. 

          Q: Can I actually play golf using the Impact Tape?

          A: Absolutely!  In addition to using them on the driving range to learn the skill of making centered contact, we recommend playing practice rounds using our Golf Impact Tape to discover your impact tendencies during actual play.  However, the Impact Tape cannot be used during official tournament rounds.