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The New Face of Golf Impact Tape

The THINNEST golf impact tape on the market!

Our proprietary design causes virtually no loss in feel and performance.

Made in the USA

Premium golf impact Tape

  • Golf Impact Tape - Combo Pack: 100 Driver and 100 Iron Labels
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  • Golf Impact Tape - Roll of 225 Driver Labels
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  • Golf Impact Tape - Roll of 225 Universal Iron Labels
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Hit More Fairways, Hit More Greens


I always suspected that I hit it off the toe.  After using the Driver Label, now I know what  adjustments I need to make to stop my ball from tapering off to the right.


We went out and tried the product from Direct Impact Golf at our golf outing. All the reviews were great.  It’s just a phenomenal product.  It gives you instant immediate results on where you’re striking the ball.  It’s just a no brainer.


It allows you to immediately see the results of where you’re striking the ball. Great product. It peels right off, no residue.

D. Mays

Once we put the Direct Impact label on the club, it forces you to focus on the center of the club and you've got a perfect target there.

Ball Striker

 Instant feed, really impressive.  You get immediate feedback on where you're striking the ball.


A total game changer.  Every golfer should have it!


I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Great results! This product is a great value. Love the product, we’ll be buying more!