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We are Direct Impact Golf Company. And We’re on a Mission! 


We believe that every golfer should have access to accurate, reliable, instant feedback without having to spend thousands of dollars on a launch monitor.  Golf is challenging.  Knowing your impact location shouldn’t be!



The Problem

You've spent so many hours practicing the perfect grip, perfect posture, perfect takeaway, and swinging "on plane," that you forgot about practicing the most important part of the golf swing - IMPACT!

The quality of your strike has the biggest impact on the outcome of your golf shots.  Shots struck away from the center of the club face result in significant losses in distance and directional control. 

The Prescription

Start using our Golf Impact Tape every time you practice.  Discover where you are making contact - which could be consistently in one area or all over the club face - and focus on finding the cetner of club face.  Our Golf Impact Tape gives you the information you need to get the most out of your practice sessions and start hitting the center of the club face – every time.  

 The Outcome
Hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.  Play better golf, have more fun!  
Make a Direct Impact on your game today.
Stick it and Rip it!